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It has been a lifelong passion of ours to capture and tell stories that evoke real emotion from viewers. As with all works of art, people will often forget the artist; they may even forget many of their works; but they will never forget how he or she made them feel. We believe that's what separates cinematic video professionals from just "a person with a nice camera." Our goal is to always be humble -- never creating art for our own accolades -- but to put you and your special day on a pedestal above all else... to capture memories, romance, and emotion that can be referenced throughout your entire life.

We only book a select number of weddings throughout the year, so that we can work closely with our couples and devote our energy to producing amazing products for them.

If you are interested in cinematic videography for your wedding, please contact us today -- we'd love to meet you in-person or chat over the phone. If we are available, and we mutually believe that we'd be the right fit, then we'd love to be a part of your special day.


"Olea" is the Latin word for "Olive Tree."  The olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness, beauty and dignity; and the olive branch is a widely-recognized symbol of peace. These are all qualities that we strive to evoke in our films.